Richard Wolff and Michael Johnson Discuss “Building Co-operative Power”

This post was originally featured at Grassroots Economic Organizing.

Richard Wolff and Michael Johnson Discuss “Building Co-operative Power” | Grassroots Economic Organizing 

In this segment from the Economic Update weekly podcast, Prof. Richard D. Wolff interviews Michael Johnson, co-author of Building Co-operative Power.  Michael shares stories from some of the cooperatives profiled in the book, and talks about the advantages of worker-owned cooperatives, as well as the difficulties encountered (and overcome) by cooperative practitioners.

Sean Sweeney Talks Paris, Climate on City Watch

Last week, Murphy Professor Sean Sweeney appeared on City Watch to talk with Mark Dunlea about the upcoming climate summit in Paris, and the fight against “not letting science get in the way of business as usual.” The two discuss the climate justice movement, mobilizations and global emissions.

Listen below.

Photo by John Duffy via flickr.

Making History: Banning the Box & Labor in Queer America


We’re living in historic times. Over the past few months, we’ve seen marriage equality become the law across the United States. More locally, we’ve seen the NYC Fair Chance Act fundamentally alter the economic opportunity landscape for those with criminal records, requiring public and private sector employers to wait until after a conditional job offer to make any inquiries about criminal history.

Just how did we get here? On this week’s edition of Building Bridges Radio with Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash, the hosts talk with Miriam Frank, author of Out in the Union: A Labor History Of Queer America, along with Brandon Holmes, Community Civil Rights Organizer with VOCAL-NY, which has been instrumental in NYC’s Ban the Box efforts.

Check it out.