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Taking a Systems Approach to Social Impact

By Rebecca Lurie

In a recent paper on the Pinkerton Foundation website, Steve Dawson describes how social purposes business can accomplish business growth and social impact:

In a burst of entrepreneurial spirit, the workforce development field is showing new enthusiasm for an old idea: creating “social enterprises” to employ low-income jobseekers.

The theory is enormously appealing. We can create good jobs for constituents who have a hard time finding work elsewhere and the profits will help fund our nonprofit organizations. The reality, however, is far more complicated.

He then draws out a series of recommendations for business. I would punctuate one aspect of what he recommends to draw together the best practices of workforce development and business development for a social purpose:

Even more powerful is a ‘systems strategy’ that leverages change, beyond the walls of the enterprise, into the broader labor market.

When we go into the business of a social enterprise for social impact, we are aiming to improve the lives of the workers and the people in the community where the business exists. By systems thinking, we think yet broader than the labor market strategy and pay attention to the community where the industry exists. Continue reading Taking a Systems Approach to Social Impact

ANHD Seeks Equitable Economic Development Campaign Organizer

THE POSITION: ANHD seeks an Equitable Economic Development Campaign Organizer to lead ANHD’s work crafting a strategic agenda and engaging community activism to improve economic development policies and advocacy in New York City. This includes workforce development policies, industrial / manufacturing development policies, and policies to support small business, immigrant entrepreneurs, and more. The Economic Development Campaign Organizer will help develop and guide ANHD’s advocacy campaigns to mobilize the grassroots strength of our local not-for-profit member organizations to shift the economic development agenda of the City. Our goal is to win meaningful changes that implement our agenda to build more equitable outcomes for our low- and moderate-income communities and populations.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Equitable Economic Development Campaign Organizer will:

  • Engage, educate, and mobilize ANHD member-organizations and other city-wide allies in Equitable Economic Development advocacy.
  • Develop economic development advocacy campaigns and coordinate throughout to ensure that campaigns serve grassroots community’s needs and are backed by sound policy goals.
  • Engage ANHD member groups and allied organizations on issues in support of more equitable economic development and economic justice.
  • Coordinate with allied organizations working to advance economic development in New York City including other non-profit organizations, trade associations, think tanks, and research institutions.
  • Lead the campaign / coalition coordination duties including developing campaign strategy, power-mapping, managing campaign committees and working groups, meeting facilitation, working in partnership with allies, and leading / organizing campaign events.
  • Develop trainings and workshops on key Equitable Economic Development issues to inform ANHD members and stakeholders in order to expand capacity and knowledge about critical issues.
  • Work closely with all ANHD staff to ensure our Equitable Economic Development advocacy and policy development is well integrated into our broader citywide and neighborhood advocacy efforts.


  • Demonstrated expertise and experience in campaign coordination that engages a coalition of allied organizations.
  • Experience in community organizing or advocacy related to affordable housing, economic justice or community development.
  • Demonstrated expertise in strategic thinking on a particular campaign, coalition, advocacy effort or political agenda.
  • Demonstrated focus on achieving increased equity for low- and moderate-income communities and populations or communities.
  • A minimum of three years of professional experience in campaign coordination/organizing, advocacy, social service, or public policy.
  • Five years of experience in issue-based campaign coordination or 5 years of combined experience and education. Minimum 2 years leading issue-based campaigns required.
  • Commitment to New York City’s neighborhoods and respect for community organizing and grassroots organizations.Salary depending on experience. Good benefits. ANHD is an equal opportunity employer.

About ANHD: The Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD) – a membership-association of neighborhood-based affordable housing and economic development groups and one of NYC’s leading advocacy/policy organizations-

To Apply:   Please email resume, cover letter and writing sample (campaign letter, strategy memo, etc.) to:
Barika Williams, Deputy Director, ANHD
e-mail: barika.w@anhd.org