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Ai-jen Poo at the Golden Globes

Ai-jen Poo was the first recipient of the Murphy Institute’s “Rising Leader Award” at the Diversity Scholarship night. And this year, she was at the Golden Globes. From Ai-jen Poo:

On New Year’s Day, 300 women who work in film, television and theater launched the #TimesUp campaign against sexual harassment in solidarity with farmworkers, domestic workers, and countless women across all industries who are survivors of abuse and demanding change.

Their courage is contagious. And the unity among women across industries is unstoppable.  From Hollywood to our own neighborhoods, it’s time for all work to be dignified and safe–no exceptions.

Ai-jen attended the Golden Globe Awards with Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep to shine the spotlight on domestic workers and people who are particularly vulnerable to abuse and often excluded from protections or recourse. Along with other movement leaders representing women in vulnerable actresses, she wore black and attended to “share the same message: Time’s up on abuse. Time’s up on exploitation. Time’s up on silence.”