How many candies and chocolates do we eat every day? Our diet is high in carbohydrates and sugars and we consume processed food that is high in these two nutrients every day. Our teeth are prone to decay and cavities for this very reason. In fact, kids as young as 5 year olds have dental problems and this is an alarming issue that needs to be addressed. About 60 to 90 percent of the kids and almost 100 percent of the adults worldwide have cavities or other tooth-related problems.

Bacteria thrives on sugar and starch. If you let it stay on your teeth, your enamel will deteriorate and create a whole bunch a new problems for you. It will give your teeth a yellow stain, make them super sensitive to temperature and texture, make them brittle, give you pains, infections, and gum diseases and eventually tooth loss.

Most of us think that we know the disciplines of brushing teeth but we actually don’t. Because our lack of attention to dental hygiene and care, bits of food and bacteria is often left between our teeth and on our tongue.

How to prevent tooth decay?

Going to a dentist is extremely expensive, specially when you don’t have that covered in your insurance. Plus, prevention is always better than treatment, right? So let’s start developing good dental hygiene habits and take care of our teeth to avoid future health and financial burdens.

First of all, cut down on those sugary snacks. Fizzy drinks, doughnuts, chocolate spread, and bottled juice, all of these foods are poison for your teeth and yet we take them daily. Try to limit the intake of unhealthy food as much as you can and increase vitamins and calcium in your diet.

Second, learn the best way to brush your teeth. Move your brush in a circular motion and don’t leave out the gum area. Most germs and food leftovers are hiding in the space between the gums and teeth. Do a short up and down motion for the back your teeth as well and then lastly, go over your tongue to wipe any more bacteria. You should brush your teeth for at least 3 to 5 minutes every night before bed.

The importance of flossing and using a mouthwash is so undermined. Floss and mouth wash is just as important for your teeth. Despite brushing them every day, we still have residuals and bacteria that need to be cleaned. Plus, mouthwash and gels help you teeth to make up enamel.

You should visit dentist at least once a year to make sure that you have good health and if there is any problem, it’s caught and taken care of before it worsens. Show yourself to dental centre Abu Dhabi.

Let’s start treasuring our teeth and take care of them like we take care of other parts of our body. If you’re in a critical condition, there is icu Abu Dhabi that will take care of your condition and hopefully bring you back to normal.