Having a beautiful smile and teeth improves your personality and makes you more confident. Many years ago, there was only one method to straightening the teeth, but in the past few years, technology is advancing rapidly, and many new tools have introduced now. But one of the best ways to straighten the teeth is by applying Invisalign on the jaw. The Invisalign is an alternative of braces.

There is little difference between braces and Invisalign, in braces are used to connect the teeth with wires; these wires work slowly in the mouth and reduce the spaces between teeth. But Invisalign is custom-made; there is no need for any wire or brackets to connect the teeth.

However, this is the major to choose Invisalign, but here are more some genuine reasons to choose Invisalign for teeth.

More effective than braces:

It is understandable, that using Invisalign is more effective than braces. It covers everything relating to your teeth, such as overcrowding, overbites, under bites, and reducing the gaps between your teeth. Invisalign are manufactured from clean and clear plastic, which is placed tightly into your teeth.


If you have dental insurance, then this treatment will be very cost-effective for you.  You may find many dentists that provide the best treatment of Invisalign in Abu Dhabi at a low cost if you have dental insurance cover.

Decrease self-consciousness:

Applying metal braces in the mouth increase the insecurity level in you. But using Invisalign may decrease your self-consciousness because they are easily removable. It makes you feel relax and confident.

Increase eating habits:

Many things you cannot eat with braces such as popcorn, apples, carrots, and even candies. But there is no eating restriction with Invisalign because, at the eating time, you can remove the Invisalign easily.

Very convenient:

Invisalign treats very affectively as compare to braces. It takes almost 10 to 24 weeks to reduce the space between your teeth. You don’t have to visit regularly your dentist, but you get a very positive result in a short time. You can also remove Invisalign easily at any time.

Reduce pain:

Gridding during sleep is one of the major causes of tooth pain. Therefore, You need to use a mouth guard to overcome this problem. But using regular Invisalign can make you get rid of this pain. It creates a protective layer in your teeth and helps to stop gridding.

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