The Drawbacks of Being a Psychologist

It is true that being a psychologist is a very respectable job and you will be a person who will be loved by a lot of people. Because to them, you are a healer and a listener and a broken person needs a person like a psychologist to mend them for good. A psychologist will be earning a lot of money and earning a lot of respect as well, but nothing is perfect and no career is perfect as well. And there are a lot of disadvantages of being a psychologist as well. The first advantage is the disadvantage, the flexible hours of working. Even if the psychologist is on holidays, and they get a call from the clinic that a patient is going nuts and wants to talk to you now, and the psychologist have to. And they can talk for hours and it can be difficult to make them things understand while they are on the phone but they have to because it can be a life and death situation as well.

There is a funny saying among the psychologists that who is the psychologist of a psychologist! Imagine listening to people’s dark stories at all times of the day and throughout the year. This can be stressful, right? Yes, it will be and the psychologist do that for the rest of their lives and sometimes, it can be very draining for them as well. And in such cases, they too need to talk to somebody. It was estimated that 1 out of 3 psychologists have started their own private clinic and it is easy to open a clinic but making sure that you will get clients throughout the year, is difficult to say. Mostly, people find psychologist whom they know through a friend, so, you will need to advertise about yourself regularly.

A psychologist has to get themselves a big cupboard or the biggest drawer in the market, because they have to keep record of each patient and their levels of states. They also have to make videos of sessions and one has to keep them very safe because if they are leaked the client can become vulnerable to anyone out there who is his/her enemy or people who like to bully other people. You can say that a psychologist’s earns are graves.