Psychiatry is an important and complex field that requires extensive research and understanding. It is an important field that will help in education, criminal psychology, private and public sectors to help maintain the mental health of the general public and make sure that the people receive the right treatments for mental health issues. Psychiatrists go through more or less 8 to 12 years of study, practice, and research so that they can properly implement their skills to treat the mental health issues that are being faced in the society today. Dubai Psychiatry is a developing field. The development and evolution of the economy have helped provide better services to people. One of the best services to receive is proper medical treatment. Realizing the importance of psychology in society, governments all across the world have allowed for better and more advanced institutions, research facilities, etc., to be set up so that there can be a significant advancement in psychology. Here are a few reasons why we need psychiatry in our societies today:

Improvement is much quicker in the field of psychiatry:

The difference between psychiatry and the other fields of psychology is that in psychiatry there is much more related to medicinal prescription. While psychotherapy and other social and interactive treatments are useful however medicinal treatment has always shown better results than any other sort of psychological therapy. This is why it is much more important to preserve the field of psychiatry than any other alternate mental health field.

Modern Psychiatry deals with all kinds of health issues:

The modern psychiatry today will interact with another field to explore the impact of other psychical and social factors on the behavior and psyche of people, this means that if there was something wrong with the physical neurosis of the person the modern methods of psychiatry would be able to distinguish between it and make accurate prescriptions to treat this issues. Other fields of mental health care will not provide this facility, this is the reason that psychiatry is very important for the wellbeing of patients.

It treats and deals with extreme cases as well.

Since psychiatrists are generally much more knowledgeable and skilled with the field of psychology and even the physical factors that influence human behavior, thus they are much more equipped to take care of extreme cases than any other mental health professional. Where psychology might be beneficial for anxiety treatment in Dubai, it might not be so beneficial for schizophrenia.