Though there are all sorts of events that happen in our every day life, and if you are working from day and night and nothing good is coming up, then this is the post for you. Why so? Because here, you will know about the most historical events that happened and that helped and evolved the human existence in many ways. And if these events did not happen, everything would have been so different. And the following rundown is given to us by the best event management companies in UAE and by the best event planners in UAE;

  1. You must be very proud of your city that it has a history and a vintage and a story of its own but the oldest and the first city of the earth was Mesopotamia and it is in Iraq that emerged between 3000 to 4000 B.C and it was established by the tribe named Sumerian.
  2. You should be very thankful to your car because it can take you places. But there were times when people used to travel for months and sometimes years to go to one city to another. And that ended soon when the first wheel appeared in Mesopotamia and then that wheel traveled from Eastern Europe to Caucasus and that was way back in 3500 B.C.
  3. No matter how the weather gets bad, we always have electricity and all sorts of power and all the thanks goes to the wiring and you will shocked to know that the wiring system was invented again by Mesopotamia and then it traveled to Egypt and the Indus valley and that was in 3200 B.C. You can say that when we get together as a community, we can do wonders.
  4. Speaking of Egypt, they also made the wonder of the world; the great pyramids. And you will be shocked to know that the scientists are still figuring out that how the pyramids were made without any machinery and some believe that the Egyptians got some help from the Aliens and these Pyramids were built in 2560 B.C.
  5. We love to learn different languages and a multi lingual person becomes in demand but did you ever thought that who made language, well, the Egyptians started language of their own and then Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Greece came up with their own languages.