As we all know that oil is very essential if we talk about business sector. Other than that oil is also utilized for smooth moving of vehicles, another use of oil is that it is used in generating power. There are very few countries in the world which produces oil and then it is transported all across the globe. The most common way of transporting oil is by the means of sea.

After the oil cargo reaches its destination where it is stored?

What are the precautions that must be taken to preserve oil and avoid accidents?

These are some of the questions that are frequently asked about oil storage. A storage facility in which oil is kept is known as oil storage terminal. It is used for storing oil and other petrochemical products. These oil terminals are generally located at ports and harbors for the management of oil that is discharged. But, these oil terminals are not limited to the ports and harbors only. Any industry which utilizes oil for their work also have these terminals in order to store the oil safely.

Owning and setting up of oil terminals.

Oil storage terminals are quite expensive to build and to own as well. It is a very technical work to own an oil terminal that is the reasons that only the trained professionals can take up the task. There are several kinds of options available for owning an oil terminal.

  1. Single owner: it is more convenient for large and globally recognized companies to own their own oil storage terminals. The oil companies like shell are included in the list. They have their oil terminals in different regions so they find it more convenient to supply the oil without involvement of any other party.
  2. Consortium: consortium refers to the group of several companies which work with each other. This system is more common among small companies that cannot afford the luxury of having their own oil storage terminals.
  3. Independent facility: this type owner ship is of the third party which starts the facility of providing oil storage terminals to the companies for storing their oils.

For setting up an oil storage terminal the first thing to determine the location. As it is at high risk of having any mishap so the location should be picked accordingly. The oil terminal should be designed properly and a detailed analysis should be done. The manufacturing and the construction of the terminal should be of the best quality. And in last the safety standards should be checked properly to avoid accidents. There are many steel tank manufacturers in UAE which provide the facility of building oil storage terminals.