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National Women’s Political Caucus NY (NWPC-NY) Candidate Training

The National Women’s Political Caucus NY (NWPC-NY) Candidate Training is for women who aspire to hold elected office and individuals interested in helping women candidates and their campaigns. Classes meet Saturdays, September 19 to November 21, 10am – 1pm at the Murphy Institute, 25 West 43rd St, 18th Floor, New York, NY.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the essential tools needed to run a political campaign, including leadership development, building a solid base/viable platform and ethics. Engage in real world simulations facing women candidates. Upon completion of the classes, receive the NWPC-NY “Candidate Training Certificate.”

Invite a friend or colleague to register now! Registration ends 9/15. To register contact: 

Pre-requisite: 1 page double-spaced essay describing the political office you seek and your aspirations for office.
Registration Fee: $250 | Limited scholarship assistance available

*The NWPC candidate training is open to all without regard to race, gender, national origin or other characteristic. Though NWPC candidate training is focused on increasing the number of qualified women who run for office, the training is not limited to women.

Livestream: Unions, Workers, and the Democratic Party (9/18)

With: Randi Weingarten | Larry Cohen | Juan Gonzalez | Basil Smikle | Ed Ott

[A version of this post published on 9/11 has been edited to include the livestream window. – Ed.]

American Labor is facing the most exciting political contest since 2008’s rivalry between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Both candidates have a long record support from unions.  During their overlapping time in the Senate they voted together 93% of the time.

While this (mostly behind the scenes) contest is going on, the official DNC debate schedule will only start in late October. Partisans for each candidate and observers interested in the process are eager to see the first debate of the season – even if the candidates aren’t present, and the debate format is a friendly roundtable. Please come back on Friday, 9/18, at 8.30 am for the livestream of Unions, Workers, and the Democratic Party.The video will appear below.

Regardless of who becomes the Democratic Party candidate for President in 2016, organized labor is poised once again to spend millions of dollars on the Democratic candidate. What is labor shopping for? What is it likely to get for its political money? How will it determine whether or not its resources were wisely spent? Will the larger, diverse working-class find a distinct voice in a political environment dominated by big money?


  • Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers
  • Larry Cohen, Making Progressive Politics Work; former President, Communications Workers of America
  • Juan Gonzalez, reporter for Daily News and co-host of Democracy Now!
  • Basil Smikle, Executive Director, New York State Democratic Party

Moderated by Ed Ott, Distinguished Lecturer, The Murphy Institute

Al Jazeera on Unionization, Pay Discrimination

The latest report from Murphy Professors Ruth Milkman and Stephanie Luce, The State of the Unions: A Profile of Organized Labor in New York City, New York State, and the United States, continues to gain coverage, this time over at Al Jazeera. In an article by Murphy alum Ned Resnikoff (Unionization found to reduce pay discrimination, Al Jazeera, 9/7/15), the writer outlines some findings from the report:

The earnings gap between black and nonblack workers is smaller among union members than among members of the labor force as a whole, according to a report issued Friday from the City University of New York’s Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies.

The report found that unionized black workers make a median $21.62 per hour, roughly 10 percent less than unionized nonblack workers’ $24.04 hourly wage. Nonunion black workers earned a median $13.65 per hour, compared with nonunion nonblack workers’ $17.00 — a nearly 20 percent pay disadvantage. Continue reading Al Jazeera on Unionization, Pay Discrimination

Praise for Murphy Institute via DC37

The latest issue of the DC 37 newsletter features a column by Murphy Institute alum Moira Dolan singing high praise for Murphy programs, faculty and students. Dolan is senior assistant director at the DC 37 Research and Negotiations Department and recently graduated from the Murphy Institute, in part thanks to assistance from the DC 37 Education Fund. She writes:

Because of my work in the DC 37 Research and Negotiations Dept. the Labor Studies Program at CUNY was a perfect fit[…]

Some of my favorite teachers included Ed Ott, who taught public sector and public policy, and who told many fascinating anecdotes from the past; Ruth Milkman, who taught labor and immigration; Steve Jenkins from SEIU 32 B-J, who instructed us on corporate research methods; and Josh Freeman, who taught labor history.

As compelling as these educators were, my fellow students were even more interesting. Through them, I got to know what it’s like to work at other unions — or be represented by other unions.

To read the full article, click here.

Community Organizer with Churches United For Fair Housing, Inc.

Churches United for Fair Housing is a grassroots organization that works towards community empowerment through community organizing, youth engagement, and by providing sophisticated social services. CUFFH organizes towards preserving and creating vibrant communities that are not exclusive and are really affordable to working families in New York City.

CUFFH serves everyone in our communities regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.


  • Community Organizer will create new, and will cultivate existing relationships with CUFFH’s clergy network and will build our base to tackle pressing community issues.


  • Enlist churches to join CUFFH.
  • Create and Cultivate relationships with Clergy and lay leaders.
  • Represent CUFFH at public events.
  • Build lay action committees in CUFFH member congregations for leadership development.
  • Represent CUFFH to key allies and coalition meetings.
  • Design and launch a leadership development program for lay leaders from CUFFH member churches who will mobilize parishioners.
  • Organize community members to pass legislation which makes affordable housing more accessible in our communities.


  • Deep passion for social justice
  • Committed to help grow our efforts, and is willing to share insight and ideas as to how to expand the impact of our organizing work.
  • Member of an organization that “base builds” and has a social justice mission, and community organizing experience is a plus but not mandatory.
  • High energy and positive attitude
  • Must be reliable
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willing to work flexible hours
  • Basic internet skills
  • Bilingual (English & Spanish)

How to apply

Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to with “Community Organizer Position” in the subject line.