El Puente Seeks Assistant Director (NYC)

As a staff member of El Puente, the Assistant Director is expected to uphold and work within the mission, philosophy and principles of the organization. She/he must work with the Director and other staff members to: design & manage a holistic arts & academic enrichment program; ensure the integrity of El Puente’s Membership Process; and to achieve expected contractual outcomes.

Administration and Operations

·      Work with the Director to oversee and create administrative systems that meet the needs of the program (including but not limited to staff/participant filing systems, data entry, attendance records, contact lists).

·      Ensure compliance with all relevant health, safety, organizational and funder policies/protocols.

·      Supervise the management of Administrator-On-Duty (AOD) responsibilities including the overseeing of program day-to-day operations, communications and safety practices, building operations, and closeout of building at the end of programming.

·      Supervise the management of staff scheduling.

·      Supervise the management of administrative correspondence (regular reports to funders, etc.) on behalf of the program.

·      Attend appropriate staff and team meetings, workshops, and events.

·      Learn the upkeep of program finances including but not limited to: invoices, check requests, timesheets, budget, and fundraising.

Program Development and Leadership

·      Work with the Director to develop and implement year-round community center programming: afterschool program summer programming, co-locaters, teen/adult programming that reflect El Puente’s Mission and 12 Principles, fulfill contractual objectives, and are structured, age appropriate, and project based.

·      Supervise Staff making sure they understand whom their supervisors are and are being provided with regular feedback and assessment. 

·      Supervise that curricula for activities, workshops and community service projects related to the El Puente model of youth mentoring and leadership development, in areas such as health and wellness, academic enrichment, engagement in the arts, and social justice issues are being met.

·      Work with the Director to develop, schedule and/or facilitate professional development activities for staff.

·      Be able to oversee and facilitate classes with large and small groups of students.

·      Support outdoor field trips by managing paperwork (bookings, train passes, directions) and covering appropriate staff to student ratios.

Recruitment and External Relations

·      Colead the design and implementation of a multifaceted strategy for participant recruitment and outreach, to include: developing and maintaining partnerships with principals and staff at local schools; street and community outreach.

·      Work with the Director in developing and maintaining partnerships with local community, civic and cultural organizations that could potentially provide resources to the program.

·      Work alongside the Director with developing a parent involvement and support. 

Benefits: Medical and Dental plan offered.

Professional Level: Professional

Minimum Education Required: 2-year degree

How To Apply: jobs@elpuente.us, http://elpuente.us