Video: Confronting the Tragedy

On Friday, October 21st, the Murphy Institute convened academics, activists, students, and practitioners to pose crucial questions concerning the criminal justice system and the labor movement’s place and responsibility within it. We heard from Carmen Berkeley, Joo-Hyun Kang, Eugene O’Donnell and Ed Ott about how they see our communities confronting the complex and interlocking dynamics of law enforcement, unionism, and racial justice.

This event marked the launch of a series of roundtables and discussions that will culminate in a two-day conference April 28th and 29th. To learn how you can participate, visit our Academic Conference page.

Check out an interview with Carmen Berkley, a radical civil & labor rights activist, writer, and trainer who currently serves as the youngest Director for the Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Department at the AFL-CIO, here:

Missed the forum or want to watch it again? Watch the full forum here: