The Wildfire Project Seeks Development Director (P/T)

The Wildfire Project is hiring a half-time Development Director to help us fly into the next stage of our organization. Below you’ll find a job description and application process description. The deadline for applications is August 1st. For more information, reach out to our Director, Yotam Marom, at Yotam[at]Wildfireproject[dot]org.

Overview: Development Director

– Partners with the Director on fundraising
– Responsible for administrative work of the organization
– 20 hours a week (half-time) at $24,000/year
– Works from home, can be based anywhere in US
– Regular staff calls and quarterly retreats
– Supervision and support from Director
– Position starts in early October, 2016


Wildfire trains, supports, and connects frontline organizing groups around the country and across the social justice movement, from racial justice groups to climate groups and more. We use experiential facilitation methods, political education, and group work to support members, leaders, and groups as a whole to become their most powerful selves.

Wildfire is almost three years old, with one full-time director, two half-time staff, a core team of 9 facilitators, an incredible advisory board, and many circles of supporters, volunteers, mentors, mentees, and more. We are currently engaged in a number of projects: Training organizing groups, supporting groups we’ve worked with in the past through strategic planning processes, taking leaders from those groups through long-term development processes, and convening organizers from across the movement. We are also undergoing our own strategic planning process, to use our experience of the past three years to intentionally plan for the big future ahead.

Wildfire is a movement organization, and a relatively small nonprofit with a humble budget – but we are ambitious, we’re financially stable, and we grow significantly every year. We are looking for a capable, creative, and dependable person to join our team. We aim to expand our fundraising operation by strengthening our foundation fundraising program and creatively building out our individual donor program. We also need more capacity to carry the administrative responsibilities of the organizations as we continue to grow and transform.

Job Description

Fundraising – Roughly 16 hours per week

– Collaborate with Director and staff in crafting overall funding strategy
– Work with Director to build individual donor program
– Take primary responsibility for implementing the donor program, including outreach, communications, working with the team to incorporate individual fundraising into wildfire activities.
– Work with Director on foundation fundraising, including writing and submitting grant proposals, cultivating new foundation relationships and developing funder documents.
– Attend funder conferences and other funder spaces when relevant
– Work with Director to coordinate Wildfire fundraising events

Organization – Roughly 4 hours per week

– Manage contracts, invoices, reimbursements, and other administrative tasks
– Support the other employees and contractors to meet administrative needs
– Work with Director on budget
– Keep track of finances
– Work with other staff on organizing the database – trainings, photos, writing, etc.
– Participate in staff discussions about overall issues in the organization

Qualities We Are Looking For

– Independent, takes initiative, self-managing
– Personable, collaborative, energetic, and flexible
– Experienced in fundraising, comfortable with administrative work
– Excellent writing and public speaking skills, solid in excel
– Detail-oriented, organized, and punctual
– Understanding of current social justice movements and desire to support them
– Inspired by Wildfire and the work it does within movements

To Apply

Please fill out this form, and send your resume to Info[at]Wildfireproject[dot]org. No cover letter necessary. Our application deadline is Monday, August 1st.