Summer Graduate Class: Occupational Health & Safety

Taught by Robin Gillespie
Register for LABR669 Special Topics: Occupational Health & Safety
M & W, 6:15-8:45 pm, from June 6 to July 21, 2016.

Workplace health, safety and wellness determine workers’ ability to stay on the job, thrive off it, be productive and reach a healthy retirement. This course will introduce students to the core knowledge areas of occupational health and safety (OSH): exposures, effects, risks and controls; industrial hygiene models and methods; regulatory protections that apply in public and private sector workplaces including OSHA and NLRA; and workplace health protection and promotion. The course practical work and guest lecturers will cover OSH concerns in jobs held by New York City workers in major industry sectors, including transit, restaurants, retail stores, offices, public sector, construction and several tiers of health care. Participatory research methods will be discussed and the concepts applied to existing and proposed research. Students will analyze and present their own work experiences in terms of the course skills and content. They will be encouraged to contribute to shaping the class content and readings to suit their professional needs.

NOTE: This graduate course is open to all who hold a Bachelor’s Degree. (Current CUNY graduate students should register for the course via E-Permit @ CUNY Portal and pay tuition to their home college. Once a permit is approved and processed the course will appear on the tuition bill and your course schedule will be generated by the home college). For more information about registration and tuition and fees, please contact / 212-642-2050

Photo by BASF – We create chemistry via flickr (CC-BY-NC-ND)