New Labor Forum Highlights: April 4th, 2016

The New Labor Forum has launched a bi-weekly newsletter on current topics in labor, curated by the some of the most insightful scholars and activists in the labor world today. Check out some highlights from the latest edition below.

This week’s newsletter focuses on the debt crisis in Puerto Rico – its roots, its likely impact on poor and working-class Puerto Ricans, and a look at the political impact that those who flee the beleaguered economy could have as they relocate to the United States. First, Jennifer Wolff explores the efforts of the island’s divided labor movement to respond to the crisis. Watch our Editorial Board member,Juan Gonzalez, New York Daily News columnist and Democracy Now! host, discuss the role that colonialism has played in the catastrophe. We close with an article from the Los Angeles Times that examines the 2016 election cycle implications of having nearly 1,000 Puerto Ricans (and potential voters) settle in the swing-state of Florida each month.


  1. Debtors’ Island: How Puerto Rico Became a Hedge Fund Playground by Jennifer Wolff
  2. Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis: Economic Collapse in America’s Biggest Colony And What Can be Done About It (Video / NLF Editorial Board Member Juan Gonzalez)
  3. Influx of Puerto Ricans Could Be Game-changer in Country’s Biggest Swing State by Kate Linthicum

Photo by Ricardo’s Photography via flickr (CC-BY)