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Trade Unions and Climate Change: A Conversation with Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn

On December 7th, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, Global Climate Jobs Campaign, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung—New York and the Global Labour Institute Network presented an important discussion between Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn about trade unions and climate change.

Naomi Klein, supported by UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, called for mass civil disobedience to break the ban on demonstrations on December 12.

Trade unionists and others discussed real solutions to climate change: an end to fossil fuels, energy democracy, and a just transition to millions of climate jobs. Catch some of this important discussion below.

COP21: Dispatch #1

From Murphy Prof. Sean Sweeney, 12/5/15:

I am here at COP 21 in Paris, where the first week of the two-week UN climate change conference has just concluded. Unions are fighting for a reference in the final agreement to “a just transition of the workforce” and are getting support from Argentina, Canada and one or two others.  The US negotiators are not blocking this, but neither are they willing to support it openly. Meanwhile, the JSMI is represented through Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, which has organized a number of workshops on the issue of asserting democratic control over the energy system in order to meet climate targets. Here’s an article in YES! that reports on one of these sessions.

Sean Sweeney Talks Paris, Climate on City Watch

Last week, Murphy Professor Sean Sweeney appeared on City Watch to talk with Mark Dunlea about the upcoming climate summit in Paris, and the fight against “not letting science get in the way of business as usual.” The two discuss the climate justice movement, mobilizations and global emissions.

Listen below.

Photo by John Duffy via flickr.