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Murphy Alum Saves Man From Stabbing

Joseph S. Murphy Institute alum and MTA worker Richard Singleton successfully intervened in an attempted assault at his subway station at 28th Street and Park Avenue South on Sunday, March 22nd.

Richard has served as an MTA worker for almost two decades. He has graduated from the Murphy Institute with Masters of Arts in Labor Studies and Urban Studies.

Read more from the Daily News on this act of heroism.

Let’s Change the System, Not the Climate: TUED in the Guardian

Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) got a plug in the Guardian on Tuesday with a letter from Bert Schouwenburg, International Officer of GMB, the energy union in the UK. The letter was in response to an article by Mark Lynas called We must reclaim the climate change debate from the political extremes.

From Schouwenberg:

Had Lynas attended the alternative people’s summit at the COP 20 climate change talks in Lima last year, he would have heard a succession of speakers from Latin America’s indigenous communities rejecting development models imposed on them by transnational capital. They are in the frontline of the fight against climate change and are struggling to stop the destruction of their environment by mining and mono-crop agriculture for export. They would not see themselves in terms of left or right, but fully understand that an economic model based on infinite growth, with the commensurate depletion of the planet’s natural resources, is incompatible with saving the Earth from the catastrophic effects of global warming.

This does not mean sufficient energy cannot be provided for the needs of future generations, but that it must be responsibly sourced and publicly owned instead of being left to market forces and monolithic corporations whose priorities lie in ripping off consumers and making money out of burning fossil fuels. As an energy trade union, we support the necessary, just transition to a low-carbon economy, and are members of the global network Trade Unions for Energy Democracy. As the slogan read in Lima: “Let’s change the system – not the climate.”

Photo by Mike Steinhoff via flickr (CC-BY).

News Round-Up

Another March week gone by and it’s looking more like Feburary out in snowy New York City. Here at Murphy, martial arts met the workplace in a striking feature from our Arts & Culture section. And around the world of labor…

  • Liz Robbins wrote a great profile of Make the Road Action Fund Senior Organizer Modesta Toribia at the NYTimes (Giving a Voice to Immigrant Workers in New York)
  • Some labor upset over at the Dubai-owned Emirates Airlines over shortened layovers and extended hours (via Wall Street Journal).
  • Speaking of the UAE, NYU Professor Andrew Ross found himself unexpectedly banned from the country as he went to board an Etihad Airline flight this week, following his criticism of the exploitation of migrant construction workers (via NYTimes).
  • NYCHA residents and advocates went to Albany to demand that Gov. Cuomo allocate $1.2bill/year toward public housing vs the currently-allocated $25mill (via CityLimits).
  • Two SEIU locals have thrown their support behind Chuy Garcia in his battle against Rahm Emmanuel to become Chicago Mayor (via Chicago Sun-Times).
  • Look how much the middle-class has shrunk! Wyoming and Alaska aren’t looking too bad right about now (via PEW).
  • The United Steelworkers and Royal Dutch Shell inch closer and closer to striking a deal, making a return to work by the end of March look increasingly possible. Meanwhile, locals continue to demonstrate.
  • Protests in Frankfurt, Germany against Eurozone’s “Laboratory for Austerity” (via Democracy Now).

Photo by Christian Junker via flickr (CC-BY-NC-ND).

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