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Journalists Gather to Discuss Labor and the Elections at Murphy

Last Friday, Sarah Jaffe, Juan Gonzalez, Errol Louis, Michael Hirsch and Ed Ott participated in a panel discussion in front of a packed house here at Murphy. The panelists analyzed the 2014 midterm elections, looking at what happened this time around and discussing the implications for the future.

Miss the Forum? Check out the livestream, embedded below and archived on our new YouTube channel.


Social Media Coordinator for UFT

The United Federation of Teachers — the 200,000-member union of New York City public school teachers and other professionals — seeks an experienced social media coordinator with a passion for public schools to work as part of the union’s close-knit digital communications team. Working closely with the member communications director and others at the UFT, the social media coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that the UFT’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms is compelling and for coordinating our social media work with engaged members, our state and national affiliates, and other organizations that share our values and goals. Because social media is 24/7, the coordinator will at times be called up to do postings outside the normal work day and to occasionally attend UFT events on weekends.

• Coordinate the union’s online presence on its social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;
• Contribute innovative content for posting and identify new opportunities for increasing engagement and reach;
• Help develop and implement digital strategies for campaigns and other projects;
• Build, mobilize and optimize the UFT’s lists of members and activists using social media to further the union’s goals;
• Maintain the UFT’s Twitter account with an eye to increasing the number of UFT Twitter followers and getting out the union’s point of view in education and labor debates on Twitter;
• Use Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and other similar tools to measure impact and guide future work;
• Help to develop and implement best practices for social media;
• Work with other departments, including external communications and political action, as well as affiliated organizations on social media projects;
• Monitor, and report out as needed, activity on social media platforms around particular issues or by particular organizations;
• Edit photos and create memes using PhotoShop for online posting;
• Help as needed with posting content to the UFT website, writing and proofreading email blasts, sending text messages and performing other digital communications tasks.

• Demonstrated success in using social media to mobilize around a social issue or cause. Be prepared to detail how your campaigns influenced or changed the public dialogue
• A minimum of two years of relevant full-time work experience, plus a bachelor’s degree
• Experience building and mobilizing lists of members
• Knowledge and interest in emerging technologies
• Ability to articulate the UFT’s mission, with ideas about how to use social media to further the union’s goals
• Experience in online advertising, including Facebook
• Experience providing data and actionable insights from Google Analytics, Facebook and similar tools
• Top-notch writing, editing and proofreading skills
A definite plus:
• Experience shooting and editing video for social media
• Knowledge of SEO, HTML and basic photo editing
• Previous work with content management systems, particularly Drupal, and relationship management tools
• Ability to build a WordPress website
• Expertise in Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro

UFT IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. We offer excellent benefits.
Send a cover letter and a resume to Deidre McFadyen, UFT Director of Member Communications, at In your cover letter, discuss how you used a social media platform (include the URL) to mobilize around a particular issue and shape the public dialogue. No phone calls please.

Dead Labor on a Dead Planet: The Inconvenient Truth of Workers’ Bladders

This article was originally featured in Monthly Review Zine.

By Kafui Attoh

“Once labor has been embodied in instruments of production and enters the further process of labor to play its role there, it may be called, following Marx, dead labor [. . .]. The ideal toward which capitalism strives is the domination of dead labor over living labor.” — Harry Braverman
“[T]here are no jobs on a dead planet.” — Bill McKibben

In a recent essay in New Labor Forum, authors Jeremy Brecher, Ron Blackwell, and Joe Uehlein urge the labor movement to take a more active role in the fight against climate change. Many unions, they lament, have been reluctant to engage the issue, and indeed others have actively taken positions at odds with the climate movement’s most basic tenets. Where unions have been asked to choose between job security and the environment, many have understandably chosen the former. In this fraught context, the authors argue that unions must not only work to reveal the “jobs versus environment” choice as a false one, but that they must do so by developing a climate protection strategy of their own. Continue reading Dead Labor on a Dead Planet: The Inconvenient Truth of Workers’ Bladders