Commonwise Seeks Graduate-Level Summer Intern (Bronx, NY)

Commonwise is building a sustainable, equitable, and democratic Bronx economy that creates shared wealth and ownership for low-income people of color. ​We are doing this by developing a network of diverse partners and community enterprises—known as the Bronx Community Enterprise Network—which currently includes four major projects:

  • A Policy and Planning Lab, a center for economic democracy planning and policy development—by, with, and for the Bronx
  • The BronXchange, an online marketplace that connects Bronx institutions and nonprofits with high-road, local businesses in order to localize purchasing and build community wealth
  • The Bronx Innovation Factory is digital fabrication center and business incubator focused on expanding local production capacity in the Bronx to support advanced manufacturing businesses with shared ownership models
  • An Economic Democracy Learning Center, which prepares current and future partners to participate and lead the network; cultivates a culture rooted in economic democracy principles; and advances the collective understanding and knowledge of economic democracy based on experiences in the Bronx and from around the world

Job Title​: Policy Intern

Background: ​Commonwise is seeking a Policy intern ​with strong research, policy development, and stakeholder engagement skills to work as part of a team supporting a cohort of New York elected officials of color from the Bronx and Brooklyn, who are 2018 MIT Community Innovators Lab (MIT CoLab) Mel King Community Fellows. The Policy intern will work in close coordination with MIT CoLab staff and Mel King Community Fellows’ support staff in the Bronx and Brooklyn

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