Movement Netlab Seeks Organizational Capacity Coordinator

The Movement Netlab is a practice-centered ‘think-make-and-do tank’. We are comprised of movement-based activists, organizers, and researchers whose goal is to help develop powerful conceptual and practical tools that help facilitate the growth and effectiveness of the most dynamic, emerging social movements of our time.

As experienced practitioners with decades of combined experience, we believe that mass, popular social movements working to create deep, system-wide transformation are our best hope of achieving a more just, equitable world.

To accomplish this, we run workshops and communities of practice, develop trainings and conceptual materials, and consult directly with core organizers from emerging popular social movement to support the growth of decentralized, self-organized network structures; we work with technologists who build free and open source technological platforms that support network movements; we work with funders to support the development of movement funding strategies including the design and creation of movement level infrastructure not situated within the domain of a single organization; we work with artists to make these ideas clear, accessible and compelling; We work with trainers who facilitate mass participation; and we work with organizations to develop strategies for working in true partnership with the movements of our time.

We are taking the next step in our evolution; from building our collective and developing and running programs, to developing, strengthening, and formalizing our organization and internal structures. Currently being incubated by the Brooklyn Community Foundation, we are committed to establishing ourselves over the next year. This is a six month position, with the possibility of extension or becoming permanent, contingent on funding and team integration

We are looking for someone who:

  • Shares our passion for building a just and equitable world through network-based movement building.
  • Is committed to the work of undoing racism and social inequity as both a personal and collective practice.
  • Is reliable and needs to get shit done every day.
  • Can step into a project manager role at any stage and move a team or group forward.
  • Gets jazzed about the challenge of putting administrative systems in place that create more generative space in our organization and world.
  • Loves being a translator or firewall between A type accountants and non-linear creatives.
  • Has experience in the not-for-profit industrial complex, wants more practice time in it and is genuinely curious about how it can be transformed and/or support transformative work in the world, but is also excited to imagine other structures that could serve organizational needs.
  • Identifies as both a doer and a learner.
  • Learns from failure or aspires to be one of those people.
  • Would rather herd cats than depend on static rules or structures.

We need you to:

  • Be available to meet in-person on Thursdays at our office in Brooklyn Crown Heights.
  • Have a flexible schedule. Ie has the ability to sometimes work evenings and weekends (for workshops) and can be available for annual retreats.
  • Be a good communicator on paper and in person.
  • Support the team to complete assignments and follow through on tasks.

Scope of Work:

  • Not-for-Profit Management: take the lead on developing the lightest not-for-profit (or other) structure possible to support our mission.
    • Governance: administrative support (scheduling, meeting structure and records) for Board of Directors and its projects. Identify best status structure (501c3 or other), finalize by-laws, seating the Board of Directors, and implement structure. Facilitate transition from fiscal sponsor.
    • Financial: put user-friendly systems in place and manage Bookkeeping, Budget, Reimbursements/Payments, reporting, etc.
    • Human Resources: develop simple systems that fulfill legal requirements and reflect our values
    • Fundraising: support the development and management of a system for research, application, tracking, communications and reporting of grants.
    • Communications: Manage external and team communications and related systems.
    • Operations: office management, scheduling, inventory, etc.
  • Contract/Project Management: provide oversight, management and coordination of projects and contracts. Make sure that information from projects moves across the network.
    • Workplans: develop and manage a process that produces realistic timelines, connects teamwork, tracks deliverables and captures learning
    • Compliance: monitor quality management of grant funded projects to ensure timeliness and coherence with budget, goals and expectations.
    • Team work: develop systems and provide support to project team collaboration ~ scheduling, notes, follow-up actions, etc.
    • Consultants: coordinate pool of consultants for contracts and Movement Netlab meetings

This contract is for approximately 20 hours a week at $35/hr. This is a six month contract, with the possibility of extension or becoming permanent, contingent on funding and team integration. Position starts Early December.

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to by November 10th.