Murphy Event: The Left-Wing of the Possible (9/16)

Join us for our first event of the fall!

Where: The Murphy Institute, 25 W. 43rd St., 18th Floor
When: Friday, September 16th, 8:30am-10:30am


Amid a volatile and unorthodox presidential season, Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters have denounced the outsized political and economic power of the corporate elite, and brought socialism back into consideration, especially among young voters. While this platform energized a broad cross-section of the country, it struggled to earn the broader support – especially among African Americans, Latinos, and organized labor – that an enduring movement would require. What will now be required to maintain the momentum and build a movement of the 99 percent?  How do supporters build on the progressive message carried through the Sanders Campaign?  What are the new possibilities and challenges? What comes next?


  • Steve Cobble, national delegate coordinator for Jesse Jackson for President 1988, political director for the National Rainbow/PUSH Coalition; co-founded Progressive Democrats of America, the organization that started the “draft Bernie” effort and the first national organization to endorse Sanders for President
  • Mark W. Griffith, co-founder and Executive Director of the Brooklyn Movement Center, a New York State Sanders delegate, and long-time community organizer and activist
  • Bob Master, Legislative and Political Director for CWA District One of the Communications Workers of America, co-chair of the New York State Working Families Party, New Labor Forum author and Murphy Institute student
  • Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator, a national surrogate for Senator Bernie Sanders, and Chair of Party Engagement at the Ohio Democratic Party

The forum is free but registration is required.