Call for Papers: The New York City Conference: the New Deal, Neoliberalism, and the Next System

Abstract submissions due April 20, 2016 to

Conference Date: May 7, 2016
Location: Roosevelt House, Hunter College (pending confirmation)

The Graduate Student Association of Hunter College invites students, activists, and academics to submit abstracts for our third annual research symposium. We seek abstracts that illuminate the current moment of systemic crisis at CUNY and in New York City, and draw out the possible futures that lie latent within it. As a university rooted in the historic promise of the New Deal, Hunter College is a symbolically rich laboratory in which to envision systemic solutions for the current crisis- a “next system.” We are seeking abstracts that reflect on any aspect of life in New York City or at CUNY through the lens of the two major eras of public policy in New York: the New Deal (1930s-1975) and the period of neoliberal austerity (from the 1975 fiscal crisis until present).  Based on this understanding of the New Deal and neoliberalism as the two major “system” paradigms that have shaped the political-economic reality we live in today, we encourage participants to bring forward proposals for a “next system” that goes beyond neoliberalism, reasserting the common good as the measure of good public policy.

We enthusiastically encourage submissions from students and activists, as well as professional researchers and academics.

Possible research could include but is not limited to the intersection of any academic discipline or aspect of city life with:

• Student movements
• Urban planning
• Public housing
• Education
• Social work
• Welfare
• Immigration
• Language
• Policing
• Incarceration
• Black Lives Matter
• Public space
• Labor, unions, and the world of work
• Strikes
• Class inequality
• Race and racism
• Gender and sexism
• Housing and gentrification
• Art
• Economics trends
• Public transportation
• Politics and governance
• Capitalism
• Technology
• Climate change
• Political ideologies

Please submit an abstract of 500 words or less summarizing your argument by April 20, 2016. We anticipate a lively and intellectually stimulating exchange, and look forward to your contribution.


Madiha Wasti
Erik Forman

New York City Conference Planning Committee